Sliding doors

Sliding doors are a wonderful way to use space efficiently while providing an excellent finish to your storage unit. By having sliding doors, you save space in front of the wardrobe because one does not need this additional space in front in order to open the doors like on a conventional cupboard. For this reason, sliding doors are the perfect solution when choosing doors for a small room as the rest of the space in the room can be used to the maximum.

As sliding doors often span the entire length of a room, they are usually made to fit and there is a variety of materials on offer to choose from. A mirrored sliding door is often popular as it gives the effect of making the room larger and lighter and also means that there is no need to use further space in order to place another mirror. Another option is a coloured or frosted glass sliding door. These look smooth and tidy as well as appearing modern and sophisticated. A final option is wood panelling on the door. This can be a variety of colours to match the room or can come in natural wood shades.

Sliding doors are most-often used in pre-fitted wardrobes. Fitted wardrobes are convenient as they provide a large space for clothing and boxes. Shelves and hooks can be moved round dependent on how many clothes you wish to hang up or put in boxes. Sliding doors give the effect of looking more like a wall, for this reason the room will often look bigger as there is no half-open door protruding into the room. This means that all storage is neatly hidden away, making the room look less cluttered and tidier.

Sliding doors are useful not only in bedrooms, to sort clothes, but can also be useful in kitchens and living rooms. Sliding doors in kitchens can reduce the risk of accidents as if it is left open, there is no door open to bang yourself on. In the living room, sliding doors can be used to hide a television or cd player when it is not being used and can offer additional storage space.

As they can be made to fit, sliding doors are an excellent way to use a space that may be an unusual shape and can be made for the precise size for your storage requirements. Overall, sliding doors offer a perfect solution to finding an organised, compact and space-efficient cupboard.

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