Key points to consider when buying sliding doors

Sliding wardrobe doors can be a superb addition to anyone's bedroom for a number of reasons. If you are lacking space then it stops the need to have lots of room taken up by swinging doors. If the walls are oddly shaped then sliding doors are the perfect solution to squaring up the room. They could even be fitted with existing shelving space in order to tidy your room up. The great thing is the flexibility that sliding doors offer and how they can be adapted to any room, not just the bedroom. However, before you go away and make your purchase, here are a few things to consider.

Where will the sliding doors go?

As mentioned, sliding doors can be specifically designed to fit in many aspects of your home. If the room is currently bare then this process may be easier as you are able to look objectively at how much space you realistically have and where they will be most beneficial - think tactfully about where other large furniture will go, such as your bed. Also, think whether you could rearrange the room slightly and use the sliding doors to cover up more than you had previously thought. For example, you may have cluttered shelving and a wardrobe, so you could possibly section the whole area off with sliding doors and give the room a much cleaner and more stylish feel.

What style will best suit the room?


This covers both the height and depth of the area they are covering or the wardrobe they are a part of. Obviously, you need to know the exact height of the room as in some cases this may limit some of the options. Importantly you want to think how much depth you can allow the wardrobe to fill, as buying an oversized piece could stick out sorely in the room and ruin the desired aesthetic.


Wardrobes are generally taller than all or most other bedroom furniture and will, therefore, be the focal point of the room, so bear in mind that this either needs to blend with the existing theme of the room or it will set the trend for the rest of the furnishings. In terms of the design you need to consider the three main colour options you can go for, be it bold, neutral or in a block-work style of colours.


If you have a small space and are using sliding doors to make better use of this space, then having sliding mirror doors could be a very savvy move. It means you no longer have the need for any other full-length mirror in the room and if properly implemented can actually increase the perceived size of the room. You have the choice to decide if the sliding wardrobe doors are all mirror from floor to ceiling, or you could go for a stylish wooden frame with a centred mirror. 

If you are looking for sliding wardrobe doors in Leeds, sliding wardrobe doors in York or sliding wardrobe doors in Harrogate, then it could be a wise move to get in contact with us. We can assist you in making these tricky decisions and make sure you get the perfect final look to your room.