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Please let me introduce myself. I am Stewart Smith, owner and proprietor of KkS Fitted Bedrooms.


Thanks again for a brilliant job transforming my bedroom – turning up on time and not making a mess. I am really pleased with the design inside and out! Many thanks.

Moira Gittins, Leeds

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sliding mirror, panel wardrobes, quality fitted bedrooms, home officessliding mirror, panel wardrobes, quality fitted bedrooms, home offices
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The most beautiful way to create more space in your home is to get gorgeous sliding door wardrobes. A lot of houses are built with a limited storage space. Bedrooms are not getting bigger but more and more has to be stored - clothes, sport equipment, luggage and much more.

Smart planning and storage is the key for that problem. The best and great looking solution at the same time is to use storage such as sliding doors wardrobes from KKS Fitted Bedrooms in Leeds. Magnificent sliding doors wardrobes are bespoke and made to measure. Sliding doors are designed around you, so if you have plenty of clothes or shoes, they will reflect that. It means you can manage to get more into exactly the same space! Smart sliding door thinking - you could say.

So if you require a posh-hollywood-style walk-in dressing room or a simple built-in wardrobe with sliding doors, bedroom fitted wardrobe, or storage solutions for any other room in your home, let your imagination flow and see how KKS Fitted bedrooms can truly transform your home.


Whether as part of a kitchen/dining room or for sole use as a kitchen, kitchens are a vital part of any home. Kitchens are important not only for the cooking of food but many people find it as an important place to relax and, if the kitchen is well stocked, they will enjoy cooking and experimenting with different meals.

Fitted kitchens are a great way to utilise space and organise cutlery, food and everything else you might have in your kitchen. Fitted kitchens use space the most efficiently, providing work surfaces fitted around the fridge, cooker and cupboards.

When designing your kitchen, there is a variety of colours and finishes that you can choose to have. Many people like stainless steel, much like the way restaurant kitchens are equipped. These kitchens give the impression of streamlined efficiency and are often easier to clean. Aside from steel, there are many other options for the work surface of your kitchen; marble, granite and woodblock are all possible materials for the work surface. The colour scheme is then up to you, whether you choose white or bright orange walls, there are many different coloured kettles, fridges and cookers that will match the scheme.

In addition to choosing colours and materials for the kitchen work surface, there are a variety of options for your cooker or stove. Gas cookers are popular and easy to use and you can have a separate hob, grill and oven. There are also electric stoves which carry a reduced safety risk, the grill can often be in the same area as the oven which saves space. Ovens can be fan-assisted so the temperature throughout the oven is equal, or if there is no fan then the oven is warmer on the top shelf than the bottom. Another option for a cooker is an arga. These run throughout the day once they are lit with oil and provide a good central heating system in addition to working well to cook food. Many people with smaller kitchens will choose to have a microwave oven and a small hob for frying and cooking other foods.

It is important to keep the kitchen well-organised and clean in order to allow you to use it to it's maximum potential. If it is easy to find all the utensils and ingredients, then one can have an enjoyable day baking or preparing to host a meal for family or friends. Whether you enjoy spending hours perfecting your favourite meals or prefer quick and easy ready food, a stylish and well-decorated kitchen will benefit you aesthetically and practically.

In Leeds you can get all of it from KKS Fitted Bedrooms, supplier of SLIDING DOORS and KITCHENS.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a wonderful way to use space efficiently while providing an excellent finish to your storage unit. By having sliding doors, you save space in front of the wardrobe because one does not need this additional space in front in order to open the doors like on a conventional cupboard. For this reason, sliding doors are the perfect solution when choosing doors for a small room as the rest of the space in the room can be used to the maximum.

As sliding doors often span the entire length of a room, they are usually made to fit and there is a variety of materials on offer to choose from. A mirrored sliding door is often popular as it gives the effect of making the room larger and lighter and also means that there is no need to use further space in order to place another mirror. Another option is a coloured or frosted glass sliding door. These look smooth and tidy as well as appearing modern and sophisticated. A final option is wood panelling on the door. This can be a variety of colours to match the room or can come in natural wood shades.

Sliding doors are most-often used in pre-fitted wardrobes. Fitted wardrobes are convenient as they provide a large space for clothing and boxes. Shelves and hooks can be moved round dependent on how many clothes you wish to hang up or put in boxes. Sliding doors give the effect of looking more like a wall, for this reason the room will often look bigger as there is no half-open door protruding into the room. This means that all storage is neatly hidden away, making the room look less cluttered and tidier.

Sliding doors are useful not only in bedrooms, to sort clothes, but can also be useful in kitchens and living rooms. Sliding doors in kitchens can reduce the risk of accidents as if it is left open, there is no door open to bang yourself on. In the living room, sliding doors can be used to hide a television or cd player when it is not being used and can offer additional storage space.

As they can be made to fit, sliding doors are an excellent way to use a space that may be an unusual shape and can be made for the precise size for your storage requirements. Overall, sliding doors offer a perfect solution to finding an organised, compact and space-efficient cupboard.

In Leeds you can get all of it from KKS Fitted Bedrooms, supplier of SLIDING DOORS and KITCHENS.

Fitted Bedrooms

When you start looking for a new fully fitted bedroom you need to think about some key factors;

  • Door design / Handles
  • Colour scheme
  • Look (Modern / contemporary)
  • Storage

These are just a few major factors when choosing fitted bedroom from KKS Fitted Bedrooms Leeds which are very important and which are for your own personal taste to suit you for many years to come.

For you new fitted bedroom door design most important is the first thing you notice.

You can choose from a plain slab vinyl wrapped door or have a routed pattern door. Vinyl wrapped is a vinyl put on MDF.

Mitre frame doors or sliding doors are available but not as tough wearing, most bedrooms these days have vinyl wrapped doors.

Routed pattern doors basically any design square, cathedral, etc hundreds of different choices.

Loads of Colours from plain white, ivory beech, maple, oak, swiss pear, are available to suit your own colour scheme even numerous gloss colours and wood grains.

Your storage is your own personal touch, double hanging, single hanging, shelves, internal drawers, pull out tie, belt, shoe rails are but a few additional preferences.

Bespoke is a made to measure fitted bedroom not standard sizes so you can fit units exactly as you want with all car casing , interiors 18mm thick your wardrobes and sliding doors will last forever if fitted by trained installer.

Over bed units, full run of wardrobes, sliding doors, dressing tables bedside cupboards & drawers can all be expertly design and shown to you by a cad (computer assisted design) before making your final decisions.

Last thing you may choose is your handles from, t-bars, scoop, knob, square long, fat, round, chrome, brass, brush chrome, nickel the choices are endless.

A guarantee should be given with your product normally 5 years is acceptable.

Fitted Bedrooms Leeds

Nowadays it is very practical to have well designed fitted bedrooms with smart storage. KKS Fitted Bedrooms in Leeds offers bespoke and made to measure fitted bedroom with design service across a wide range styles, with a great range of fitted bedroom furniture. We always aim to create an individual look for your fitted bedrooms with a wide choice of matching handles and accessories to suit your taste. Each fitted bedroom design comes with very rich scope of colours and finishes.

Our unique fitted bedroom design service allow to tailor fitted bedroom furniture to much your style and help maximise your storage space.

Fitted Kitchen Leeds

New, beautiful and practical kitchen is something what most of us dream of every day. Now it is achievable due to wide range of bespoke and made to measure fitted kitchens from KKS Fitted Bedrooms in Leeds.

Massive choice of KKS bespoke kitchen styles and designs offer something for everyone, from traditional and classic wooden doors to the latest state of the art contemporary high gloss finishes. You decide and pick a unique look with your own choice of matching handles, worktops and accessories to match your style and character. Our design service aim to fulfill your dreams and meet any unique and bespoke requirements you have. We will help to create your perfect kitchen with custom designed furniture and finishing to meet your lifestyle.

Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding wardrobes are very popular these days especially in really tight bedrooms where you have little space.

Sliding doors can be made to measure from 24 inches wide right up to 48 inches wide and height up to 98 inches high.

The sliding doors all sit on a bottom track which takes all the weight of the door unlike old system which hung onto top track.

Maximum width of a run of sliding doors is 5 metres but can be as little as 3 to 4 feet.

There are numerous systems around now that offer sliding doors with a soft close mechanism this is quite new but can be a bit pricey but is really effective.

Sliding door frame colours can be white, silver, pearwood, champagne, maple, oak, beech, black, cream, cherry, walnut, wenge and loads more to choose from to suit your own personal taste.

You can have anything from a clear mirror, coloured glass or wood panel and different frosty designs put into a frame to make a sliding door, also you can have 2,3,4,5, even more splits in your door divided up with a mixture of mirror, wood or coloured glass again to suit your own personal taste.

When choosing your interiors you have to be careful in planning so you have maximum access to all areas sometimes if not done right your doors can overlap if not designed properly.

Anything from drawers, full hanging, double hanging, shelves etc can be chosen and in most cases the perfect match carcasing colour (unless metallic frame) to match frame of a sliding door.

All interiors are 18mm thick not 15mm like some even drawer bottoms are 18mm with blum runners to run smoothly.

Sliding mirror/panel wardrobes are becoming more and more popular by the day and are a bit more affordable as opposed to fully fitted wardrobes.

When ordering from KKS Fitted Bedrooms takes place it is 3 to 4 weeks before installation is complete and guarantee of 5 years is acceptable.

Bedrooms Leeds

Always dreamt of beautiful and practical bedroom? Jealous about friend's spacious bedroom? Now you don't have to thanks to bespoke bedrooms from KKS Fitted Bedrooms Leeds and Sliding Doors. We can create a clean contemporary look for your bedroom with a stunning and complete sliding wardrobe doors. Our Leeds bedrooms are an excellent solution if space is a must. KKS Fitted Bedrooms offers a premium bedrooms with easy access and maximum storage. Available in a choice of finishes to meet every taste and expectations. You can choose from a huge range of bespoke bedrooms options to make the most of the space in your new Leeds style bedroom. All our Leeds bedrooms are made and designed to your specific room sizes, ensuring a perfect finish for the perfect night.

Cabinet Maker Leeds

Traditional craftsmanship is not easy to find in Leeds. Working with wood to create unique, bespoke and stunning furniture is a passion for cabinet maker at KKS Fitted Bedrooms Leeds. A combination of traditional hand crafting skills and precision modern manufacturing techniques means quality furniture is within reach of most people and organisations in Leeds. KKS craftsman and cabinet maker does not have a single dominant design style. Therefore it is possible to create exquisite pieces of furniture that harmonise with their surrounding environment, classic or contemporary.

If you are a business owner who wants unique and stylish board room furniture or a school supervisor who wants to maximise the use of space to provide a productive educational environment or an individual who wants to have bespoke and made to measure furniture you will get what you are looking for from KKS cabinet maker Leeds. KKS cabinet maker Leeds is a professional craftsmanship who knows how to design and work with wood. KKS cabinet maker Leeds furniture is the highest quality and will be handed down the generations.

Kitchens Leeds

All of us dream about well planed, well spaced and well utilized kitchen. A well fitted stylish kitchen can improve home life, add to your property price and makes the general day to day routines of living enjoyable ones. Leeds based kitchen company, KKS can help you when it gets to the new fitted kitchen project in Leeds or throughout the UK. Our Leeds fitted kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. All kitchens in Leeds even the smallest ones can be transformed into a well laid out kitchen offering usable space and utilities. Most of our bespoke Leeds kitchens can work very well even with small spaces and unique room qualities or negatives such as tricky cornering.

And what's the most important there is no need to break the bank to get a modern and stylish fitted kitchen. KKS offers affordable fitted kitchens in Leeds and nationwide to suit everyone's taste, needs and expectations.

Sliding Doors

There are many benefits to fitting sliding doors in your house, both in terms of the aesthetics and practicality. Sliding doors are not only a wonderful space-saving solution for your storage unit but can also prove a useful asset when selling your house in the future. The property market is competitive and it is often the details that attract buyers. For this reason, sliding doors are a perfect addition to your house and will be a great long-term solution for your storage needs regardless of if you intend to stay in your current property.

Prospective buyers will often be impressed by a house with well-designed features such as sliding doors. Sliding doors are a clean way to finish a room and perfect when trying to use space efficiently, particularly in a smaller room. The variety of finishes that sliding doors come in will also make a house seem more appealing to the viewer. A mirror finish will make your room look larger and lighter as well as being an essential for any bedroom or bathroom. Alternatively, a wood finish can often complement an older house, fitting perfectly with antique furnishings or make a new house feel more natural and homely. A coloured finish will also brighten up a room and can make a child's bedroom look vibrant and inviting.

An additional benefit of sliding doors is that they keep a room looking tidy and clutter-free. The shelves full of toys or railings stuffed with clothes are well-hidden behind the sleek design of the sliding door. In contrast to a standard cupboard door, the sliding door will not stick out into the rest of the room and so will make the room look spacious and organised.

Sliding doors are usually added on to fitted cupboards, which are an additional bonus to any household. Fitted cupboards offer a larger storage space to a conventional wardrobe and mean that extra, free-standing storage units are not required.

When redecorating a room, sliding doors can be a perfect addition to a room and can transform the appearance quickly and effortlessly. A jumbled and chaotic room can quickly be converted to a sleek, modern and sophisticated room with the simple addition of sliding doors.

So whether you decide to fit sliding doors in your bedroom, living room or bathroom, they will prove a good investment for both the present, for your own enjoyment, and in the future when selling your property.

In Leeds you can get all of it from KKS Fitted Bedrooms, supplier of SLIDING DOORS and KITCHENS.

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