Give your bedroom furniture a spring makeover with these 7 tips

With the second snowfall of March just behind us, it can feel as though winter has gone on forever. But with the first day of spring and daylight saving around the corner, we’re about to see a lot more daylight in our bedrooms and suddenly, that hygge vibe you gave your bedroom last year can feel a little stifling. 

Our team of experts have put their heads together to come up with 6 ways you can update your bedroom now that spring is here. 

1. Switch curtains for blinds

If you’ve been keeping cosy with light-blocking curtains, it might be time to think about shutters or Venetian blinds. With the right amount of fresh spring sunshine, they’ll give any bedroom the feel of a lazy, hazy Mediterranean afternoon.

2. Pick a palette 

With all that light streaming in through your blinds, you’ll want it to work well with the colours inside your room. Spring palettes are all about pretty pastels, white wood and lightly floral upholstery. 

3. Paint your room like it’s outside

One tried and tested technique used by the pros is to look outside for inspiration. Generally, the earth is dark, and then as we look upwards to our natural surroundings and finally the sky, everything gets gradually lighter. Be inspired by this and keep your darkest colours for the floor and lower-level furniture, making sure walls and ceilings are light. 

4. Paint your existing furniture 

If you don’t have the budget to invest in a whole new fitted bedroom, a lick of paint on your existing furniture can go a long way – particularly if you’re clever about it. Pretty pastels and chalk paint are the staple of the shabby chic decor that looks so good in the warmer months. After you’ve painted furniture, you could even sand it down slightly to accentuate the shabby chic look. 

Start having a look around for new handles and knobs for your drawers as well. This can have a huge impact on an older piece of furniture and it gives you the opportunity to make it feel bespoke to you. 

Springtime bedroom tip 5. Decorate with flowers 

Shed the winter frost in favour of nature at its most beautiful. Now you’ve got beautifully updated furniture, decorate it with a springtime feel. Bring your garden inside with succulent plants, potted plants and vibrant bouquets of your favourite flowers. 

Springtime bedroom tip 6. Do a furniture audit 

If it’s clunky or dark in colour, it might be time to donate it to your local charity shop. Often, you’ll find they’re happy to pick up furniture for free. 

Springtime bedroom tip 7. Buy new fitted bedroom

It doesn't have to be expensive to buy a new fitted bedroom. Visit KKS Fitted Bedrooms showroom where we can help you choose and design the perfect fitted bedroom within your budget!

Whatever your budget, there’s something in here to update any bedroom for the spring season.